Natural cold and flu remedies

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No wonder this type of treatment is popular-we still cannot cure a cold or flu. Although the flu vaccine can prevent the flu, and certain prescription drugs can reduce its symptoms, most conventional drugs can only relieve symptoms. Many natural remedies can also relieve your pain in the short term, and some natural remedies can help you recover. See which one is the most promising.

This herbal supplement can strengthen your immune system and help fight infections. But it is not clear whether this enables you to prevent colds. Most evidence suggests that echinacea does not help prevent colds, but some studies have found that echinacea can shorten symptoms by one or two days. Other reviews say it does not affect. To try it, take it when you feel uncomfortable for 7 to 10 days.

Some researches have proved that it may help prevent and fight colds and other viruses. For treatment, if you take it within 24 hours after the first symptoms appear, it may help shorten its length and reduce its severity. It would help if you continued taking zinc for five days. To prevent colds, some studies have used zinc for up to 4 months. The FDA says not to use nasal zinc products when you have a cold because they risk permanent odor.

Vitamin C
Its Cold War power remains uncertain. Some studies have shown that it can shorten cold symptoms by about one day. Still, the analysis of multiple studies has shown that only people who take the lowest dose of 200 mg of vitamin C a day and are under extreme physical stress are much less likely to catch a cold. It has not been shown that taking vitamin C only after the onset of symptoms can help.

Chicken soup
Grandma felt a little unwell. Chicken soup may help relieve cold symptoms in many ways. Inhaling steam can relieve nasal congestion. A spoonful of a spoon can help you replenish lost water. Warm, salty soup can alleviate a sore throat.

Hot tea
It provides the same benefits as chicken soup. Vapour breathing can relieve congestion while swallowing fluids can soothe your throat and retain moisture. Black and green tea are also rich in disease-fighting antioxidants and may also help prevent colds.

Hot Toddy
This adult drink is an ancient nocturnal cold medicine. Since you do not want to drink black tea and all caffeine before going to bed, please drink a hot herbal teacup. Add a teaspoon of honey, a small glass of whiskey or bourbon, and a little lemon. This mixture can relieve congestion, soothe your throat, reduce coughing, and help you fall asleep. If you are taking any medicines without the prior consent of your doctor, do not drink alcohol. And limit yourself-too much alcohol can interfere with your sleep.

For a long time, it has been called the germ warrior. A study suggests that taking garlic supplements daily may help prevent colds. But more research is needed to clarify its actual effect. It does have nutrients, and in the form of food, it can add flavour to your meals, while nasal congestion makes all foods bland and tasteless.

Steam breathing can eliminate nasal congestion and relieve symptoms when nasal congestion or runny nose. You can get a large dose from the humidifier in the room, fill a bowl with hot water, use a towel on your head against the bowl, or sit in the bathroom, lock the door and run a hot bath.

Neti pot
You can use the same DIY salt solution in this gadget. It allows you to flush the nasal cavity with saltwater. The result is that the mucus is thinner and more comfortable to drain. Studies have shown that the nasal pot can relieve symptoms such as congestion, pressure, and facial pain, especially for patients with persistent (chronic) sinus disease. The Neti solution is also contained in a bottle with a nozzle inserted into your nose and produces a gentle force to flush the sinuses.

Saline irrigation
Dripping water or spraying saltwater to the nose can thin the black skin and help you eliminate it. This makes you less bored. You can try over-the-counter nasal saline irrigation, or you can do it yourself. If you make your own, please use pollution-free water. It can be distilled, sterilized, boiled, and cooled in advance, or filtered with a filter with an ideal pore size of 1 micron or less. Mix 8 ounces of heated water with 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized salt and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Use a spherical syringe to spray liquid into one nostril while keeping the other nostril blocked. Repeat two to three times, and move to the other side. After completion, please make sure to rinse the irrigation equipment with pollution-free water after each use, and then air dry.

Menthol ointment
Days of stuffy nose and congestion can make you feel pain. A simple remedy might be to apply a menthol-infused ointment under the nose (but not under the nose), chest or throat. Menthol vapour can help relieve coughs and open blocked passages, thereby helping congestion. But do not use it on bare skin, and do not use it on children under two years old.

Saltwater gargle
This can help your sore throat by reducing swelling in the throat and flushing away irritants and bacteria. Flush your mouth with 8 ounces of warm water and about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt four times a day to keep your throat moist.

Nose patch
You put these pieces of tape on the bridge of your nose to open the nasal cavity. Although they can’t get rid of the stuffiness, they do create more space for airflow. This can help ease congestion at night.

Make you fever
This is the original natural remedy. An increase in temperature can overheat your body, making it impossible for bacteria to survive, thereby fighting colds and flu. But, if it makes you uncomfortable, you can take some measures to handle it. Drink plenty of liquids too. If your temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit or is accompanied by worrying symptoms, call your doctor immediately. For babies three months or younger, if the fever exceeds 100.4, call the doctor. Children with a fever below 102 usually do not need treatment unless they feel unwell or persistent.

Rest on the bed
Who has time to spend a whole day undercover? However, when you get enough rest, your body can devote more energy to fighting bacteria. Keeping warm is also very important, so please plug your feet so that your immune system can function normally.

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